Ballistic Body Armour General Body Armour

Ballistic Body Armour general body armour. Ballistic Body Armour (Pty) Ltd is a leading manufacturer of protective gear in South Africa, and supplies reliable equipment to countries all around the world. We are at the forefront of personal ballistic protection solutions. Our test laboratories are among the best in the country. This enables us to manufacture custom-designed protection equipment, suitable for any kind of condition and use. We test our products to international standards as required (NIJ, SANS, Stanag, Technische Richtlinie, HOSDB)  in our in house test range. We also have the only Anti Stab testing apparatus in Africa. The first body armour manufacturer in South Africa, we have more than 36 years of experience and knowledge in the field of ballistics. Our products have been copied by many, but we remain the original. Our body Armour is tried and tested and proudly used throughout the World. Here is Ballistic Body Armour general Body Armour suitable for Community Policing Forums, Security company’s, Armed Response, Cash in Transit, Law enforcement, Farmers, Anti Poaching Units, Military use, and ordinary Citizens seeking to protect themselves. All bulletproof vests are manufactured in our factory in Germiston which has been in operation  for more than 35 years. Manufactured from quality materials sourced from the best suppliers throughout the world. Select the style and level of protection that best suits your intended use. We are an innovative company with a rich history in the design and development of personal protection equipment, and are continually adding new offerings to our collection.

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Body Warmer

R9490,95R15703,25 inc. Vat

Body Warmer with zip in sleeves

R9971,65R16183,95 inc. Vat

Civilian Vest

R3742,10R9576,05 inc. Vat

Farmers Jacket

R4110,10R12755,80 inc. Vat

Female Body Warmer

R9490,95R15703,25 inc. Vat

Service Vest

R3742,10R9576,05 inc. Vat

Soft Shell Body Armour

R9168,95R15617,00 inc. Vat